Saturday Night “Show & Tell” Model Parties at Jerseyfest !

The partying continues on Saturday night (Aug. 2nd) at Jerseyfest with the “Figure Models Show & Tell Party” and “Sci-Fi Vehicles & Mechs Show & Tell Party” (includes “Hardware Kitbasher’s Swap Meet”).  Both will be held in separate conference rooms at the Marriott Hanover Hotel from 8:30pm to 11:00pm at no extra cost to vendor show attendees.  Hobbyists will bring in and talk about pieces they worked on in a laid back, informal setting with snacks and drinks.  Then we all work our way over to the incredible “Auld Shebeen” Irish Pub on hotel property.  We don’t have “cliques” at these parties – all show attendees are invited.  And you just might be hanging out with movie FX legends…don’t miss it !


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