Diorama and Display Workshop with Mike Salzo

When: Friday, September 7th, 2018, 9:30am to 5:00pm (the day before the vendor show begins)

Where: Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott Hotel

Cost: $150

Modelers of all genres, are you looking to expand your skills and stretch your imagination?  Looking to make a display base to capture a favorite moment, or create a terrific environment for your favorite subjects…Sci-Fi, Kaiju, Mecha, Figures, Armor, etc?  If so, join us for an an all-day “Diorama and Display  Workshop” with Mike Salzo at JerseyFest Academy on Friday, September 7th, 2018.

The class will be filled with hands on work and instruction on using tools, tricks, shortcuts, painting,  texture stamping,  sculpting and more.  Participants will get to create and bring home a display base using materials we provide in the class including clay, epoxy putties,  foams,  modeling boards,  environmental effects,  water effects,  dust effects and more.

The first part of the workshop will cover an introduction to materials, techniques, tools etc., followed by a hands on building session, and finally an overview of painting and finishing techniques to use when you finish your display base at home. 
Attendees should bring a model or the dimensions of the model they would like to make the display base for.  

Our ideas for models to use for this class are as follows: 
8-12 inch Kajiu kits,  1/12 Banadi Star Wars figure kits or Star Wars Black Series figures,  1/6 scale figures or statues,  1/35 armor,  1/48 aircraft (depending on size)  1/20 or 1/35 MAK kits,  assorted monster kits,  1/144 Bandai Star Wars,  1/72nd Bandai Star Wars kits and many more.

Materials for the class will be included for building an approximate 12-14 inch  (max) display base, so you are not required to bring any tools or supplies.  Gloves will be provided,  however the work may get messy, so wear old clothes or bring your shop apron.

Our instructor, Michael Salzo, is a hobbyist turned pro model builder, specializing in large and unique Sci-Fi scratchbuilds and kits.  He’s an expert painter, pattern maker,  and mold maker/caster.  He’s also done incredibly elaborate model making work for major US theme parks (think sunny locations in Orlando and Anaheim) and collectible companies, specializing in replicas of Sci-Fi filming models.  Using mostly traditional model building techniques such as those used in the movie model shops of the 70′s and 80′s (e.g., Industrial Light & Magic Studios, Lucas Arts), Michael has recreated many iconic subjects from those era’s,  including but not limited to recreating near exact models of the studio miniatures.  Michael is one of the most renowned model makers and painters in the garage kit hobby and has created many incredible studio  scale models of spaceships from franchises like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.  He does professional model construction and painting for numerous clients.

Click HERE for instructions on how to register for this class.  The cutoff date for registering is August 25th, 2018.

Below are pictures of a few models with display bases created by Mike Salzo.  Click HERE to see more examples of Mike’s amazing models.

























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