Jerseyfest 2019 Model Art Contest & Exhibit



Check out all the details on our contest and special exhibits, which will be displaying stunning, hand-painted and custom made models and replica props during the vendor show. 


Access to the Jerseyfest Model & Art Contest and Exhibits will be included with the price of admission to the vendor show on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday September 8th.  The big room will be open for display between 11:00am and approximately 4:00pm on Saturday and between 10:00AM and approximately 2:00PM on Sunday.  Attendees will also have the option to submit pieces for display only (i.e., not competing for awards and prizes).

IMPORTANT: Although the model contest and exhibit runs from Saturday to Sunday,  anyone who submits a piece will have the option of checking it out either Saturday or Sunday.  Your pieces will qualify for a Gold, Silver or Bronze award if you check it out on Saturday after the vendor show (approxiamtely 5:00pm), but will not qualify for the “Special Awards” (i.e., trophies, plaques, prizes) unless you check them out after the Awards Ceremony on Sunday which begins at approximately 3:30pm.  See more details below.

The types and scales of the pieces will vary and include figures or busts (ranging from miniature to life-sized), vehicles, mechs, replica props, steampunk, etc. that celebrate fiction.  We anticipate having a huge amount of pieces on display just like our last show, which will feature the works of many of the most talented and renowned artists in the hobby including writers from Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine, Kitbuilders Magazine, etc. and various hobby web sites.  We’ll also be displaying fantastic spaceships and mechs models from numerous professional, vehicle building artists.

What You Can Expect to See

  • Classic horror monsters such as Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • Comic book favorites such as The X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman, The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, The Hulk, etc.
  • Science Fiction and fantasy space ships/vehicles, mechs and anime.
  • Vintage monsters such as Godzilla, Predators and Aliens.
  • Models from blockbuster science fiction and fantasy movies and T.V. shows such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, etc.
  • Incredibly accurate replica props from memorable movies and TV shows.



The contest entries will be judged by professional model painters, builders, magazine writers, and movie FX legends.

It is acceptable for attendees to submit their buildup kit(s) or replica props for the exhibit and request that they NOT be included in the contest, but the submissions still must be registered at the contest “check in” desk.  The cost for submitting pieces in either the exhibit or contest is a $5 flat fee per person, regardless of how many are submitted by that person.  So, for example if you enter 5 pieces, the total cost is still only $5.

The themes for the contest entries are movies, TV, comic books, video games, and fiction in general.  This includes figures, busts, vehicles, mechs, dioramas, “one of a kind” pieces and replica props, which can be monsters, superheros/villains, sc-fi, fantasy, anime, gundam, etc.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be given for selected entries as decided by the judges (i.e., “open judging system”).  There are no categories for these awards and no competing between modelers.

In addition, the “Special Awards” described below will be categorized and competed for.  When a contest entry is submitted at the “check in” table, the categories will be assigned at that time.






Obtaining Contest Forms & Dropping Off Pieces 


  • Attendees may pick up and begin to complete entry forms for the Model & Art Contest & Exhibits on Friday night, September 6th, at the Jerseyfest check in table between 7:00PM and 9:00PM, which will save them time on Saturday.  However, they will not be able to drop off their pieces and the contest forms until Saturday between 8:30AM and 1:30PM in the contest room.

Saturday & Sunday

  • Submissions for either the contest or exhibits can be dropped off between 8:30am and 1:30pm on Saturday or between 9:30am and 12:00pm on Sunday in the Contest/Exhibit room.  Strict security will be in place to protect your pieces.  Any kits submitted on Sunday for the contest, must be entered by 11:00am in order to qualify for any awards.


  • Saturday & Sunday
    • In order to qualify for awards, entries for the contest or exhibits may only be picked up between 5:00pm and 6:00pm on Saturday or after the awards ceremony on Sunday.  The ceremony is occurring on Sunday at around 3:30pm and will last approximately one hour.
    • When submitting pieces for the contest or exhibit, you will have the following 2 options:
      • Opton 1: Pick up your pieces at the end of the day on Saturday at 5:00pm (not earlier) and be entitled to receive Gold, Bronze or Silver Awards.  If you win, the award certificate will be handed to you at the check out desk in the contest room when you pick up your pieces.  You will not qualify to win “Special Award” trophies, plaques or prizes.
      • Option 2: Leave your pieces over night on Saturday and pick them up after the awards ceremony (not earlier), which is occurring at about 3:30pm on Sunday and will last approximately one hour.  With this option you wll be entitled to not only win Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards, but also the “Special Awards” that include trophies, plaques and kit prizes.  We will have Jerseyfest security on site to guard the contest room all day and night including over night.
      • Any kits submitted on Sunday for the contest, must be entered by 11:00am in order to qualify for any awards.


Contest Awards Ceremony

Saul Alvarez and other special guests will be presenting contest awards during the Contest Ceremony, which will include trophies, plaques, kit prizes and certificates.  The Ceremony will take place in a large conference room at approximately 3:30pm on Sunday.  See section above for information on when you may submit and pick up your pieces and requirements for being entitled to the awards and prizes.  You can pick up your pieces shortly after the ceremony.  Only individuals who leave their  submissions in the contest room up until the ceremony will qualify for the Special Awards described below.  Strict controls will be enforced to ensure that only you can retrieve your pieces.

Special Awards

In addition to the Gold, Bronze and Silver Certificate Awards, Jerseyfest trophies, plaques and prizes will also be awarded for the top entries as decided by the judges.  Modelers will compete for these awards.  See details below.

All bronzed awards are painted by the Amazing Saul Alvarez

Award Trophies & Plaques


Best of Show Plaques for - Vehicle or Mechs, Best Star Trek Spaceship And Best Star Wars vehicle


Stan Winston School Trophies – Best Buildup of a Monster Kit Figure or Bust (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)


Best Sci-Fi Vehicle Plaques (1st, 2nd & 3rd place )


Best Female Figure Plaque & Prize. Prize is original art by artist Cris Delara


Best Figure Trophies (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) and also Best Bust Trophies (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)


Best Horror (Figure, bust or diorama)


Best Giant Monster figure or diorama

Best Kaiju Trophy


Best Star Wars Vehicle


Best Star Trek Vehicle


Best Mech Vehicle ( Sci-fi vehicles )


Best Fantasy (Figure, bust or diorama)

Best Comic Book Character figure or Diorama

Best Comic Book Character bust


Best Universal Monster Trophy (Figure or bust)


Best Hammer Horror (Figure or Bust)


Best Fictional Miniature Trophy (size restriction: 15mm to 120mm; figure, bust or vehicle)


People’s Choice Award Trophy – balloting by all participating vendor show attendees on Saturday & Sunday

Best Diorama/Elaborate Composition Trophy





Resin for the Jerseyfest trophies were provided and sponsored by “Smooth On“, the leading model making & casting supply company in the hobby.


Certificates for 2018

•   Jerseyfest Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards – all entries qualify





On top of everything else, fantastic prizes will also be awarded to winners as described below.    

Stan Winston School Prizes for Best Buildup of a Monster Kit Figure or Bust

  • 1st Place: An all-access 1 year subscription to Stan Winston School, includes unlimited access to our on-demand webcourses by The Masters of FX, with new webcourses added every month.  Also includes exclusive access Stan Winston Studio Behind-the-Scenes Documentary stream.
  • 2nd Place: A 3 Month subscription to Stan Winston School, including full access to the entire on-demand webcourse library.  Also, exclusive access Stan Winston Studio Behind-the-Scenes Documentary stream.



  • 3rd Place: A 1 month subscription to Stan Winston School, including full access to the entire on-demand webcourse library.  Also, exclusive access Stan Winston Studio Behind-the-Scenes Documentary stream. 


Best full sized figure prize is the Curse of the werewolf Kit. Donated by Forbidden Zone

Best Horror bust, full sized or Diorama prize will be the Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein kit and how to paint DVD by Phil Lister. Donated by Resin Realities. 

Prize for the People’s choice award is the Sideshow Court of the dead Executus Reaper Oglavaeil legendary scale bust

Best of Show Trophy – Figure, Bust or Diorama prize is the Silver Samurai statue. Donated by Ice Breaker designs

Prize for Best of Show Vehicle or Mechs is a Sideshow Collectible’s Alien Egg Statue


Best full sized Comic book character prize is Baron Zemo painted statue. Donated by Ice Breaker designs


Prize for 1st place for Best Sci-fi vehicle will be Sideshow Collectible’s Alien Egg Statue


Best Diorama/Elaborate Composition prize is the 1/2 scale Vincent Price bust. Donated by Jerry Gergely and the Tom Savini school of visual effects

Best Fictional Miniature: Model Kit prizes from Morland Studios.  Note that entries must meet size restriction: 15mm to 120mm; figure, bust or vehicle.

Best Fantasy prize is Gimli at Helms deep. Donated by WETA


Best Female / Prize is original art by artist Cris Delara



Best Kids’ Entries (13 and under): Getting ready for Santa. Donated by Morland Studios


Best Comic book bust prize is the Crow bust. Donated by Good Fellas resin

Best Universal Studios character prize is the American Werewolf in London transformation bust. Donated by Zorloza Studios


We will Secure Your Items

The exhibit/contest tables will be watched, controlled and secured by guards including overnight.  There will be strict controls in place for checking buildups in and out.

Drop Off and Pick Up Requirements

To be announced.

Submission Restrictions

If your kit has nudity please make sure it is tasteful, no graphic nudity.  An award will only be given to a person if they are the artist who painted the kit submitted in the contest and are present at the show.


As described above, the Jerseyfest team is taking measures to secure and control any items submitted for the exhibit and contest.  We have a great deal of respect for your property and fine art.  However, we cannot “guarantee” their safety, so you will be submitting items at your own risk.  By submitting any items in the Exhibit, you will thereby be agreeing that Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair LLC, including its members and support team, are not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

Thank You Sponsors 

A big thank you to all the great people and companies who are donating or contributing to prizes and awards for Jerseyfest 2018 and helping to make the show special.

We apologize in advance if we accidentally left anyone off the list.


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