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Demos & Presentations

Experience numerous presentations and demos from professional artists on painting and sculpting models!  Included with price of admission into vendor show.

Times & Room Locations to be Announced


  • Troy McDevitt – Sculpting demo
  • Jim Capone – Flesh Tones
  • Mike Salzo – Techniques and materials used for applying extreme weathering, wear and tear, paint chipping,  rust,  battle damge,  grease and grime, etc.
  • Rick Cantu - Painting Alien flesh
  • Saul Alvarez – TBA


  • Troy McDevitt  - TBA
  • Mike Salzo - Building worlds.  Making diorama/display environments for displaying Sci-Fi, mecha,  armor, Kaiju, monster models, etc.  Mike will be making a heavily damaged city scape fit for any genre and cover techniques and materials used.
  • Rick Cantu – Using watercolors for painting detail
  • Saul Alvarez – TBA

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Rick Cantu

Guest Artists

We have a terrific line up of special guest artists presenting, doing demos or exhibiting their art at Jerseyfest 2017! More to be announced.   Troy McDevitt Troy started his sculpting career sculpting custom wedding cake toppers in 2003, up until 2007. Being a lifelong comic/sci-fi/fantasy nerd, he slowly made the transition from wedding cake toppers, over to …

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