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Sculpting a “Hulk” with Randy Bowen by Polyform

Cost: $250


This “hands-on” sculpting class will be held on Friday, August 26th, 2016 from 9:30am to 5:00pm EST in a professional conference room at the Marriott Hanover Hotel, in Whippany New Jersey.  It is occurring the day before the weekend long vendor show begins and will be tailored for sculptors of all experience levels.  So, if you are new to sculpting or just a collector, this class is as much for you as it is for the advanced students.  Seating is limited, so if you would like to attend, we suggest registering for this class soon to secure a spot.

Here is an incredible opportunity to take a professional sculpting class produced by Polyform and JerseyFest that will be instructed by world renowned sculptor Randy Bowen.  The class will cover the basic design and sculpting of  an “Incredible Hulk” bust.

There is nothing for you to bring other than your passion to learn sculpting secrets from a world class artist.  All the supplies you need for the class will be provided including Polyform “Soft” Super Sculpey Clay and precision sculpting tools that you’ll get to keep.  But feel free to bring your own favorite tools.  Seating is limited, so if you would like to attend, we suggest registering for this class soon to secure a spot.  Note that the clay we are using for this class will be notably softer than what was used at last year’s class.

Randy Bowen is acclaimed as one of the leading sculptors of pop-culture characters.  He has always been fascinated with characters from comics and classic B-monster movies. His talent was evident at an early age and he began doing artwork commercially at age twelve.  By his twenties, he was the director of Product Development at Dark Horse comics, and was launching the collectibles divisions for Marvel and DC Comics as well.  His company Bowen Designs Incorporated was the first company of it’s kind to focus on characters from comics, and science fiction franchises.  The amount of incredible statues and busts to emerge from this great company is staggering and collected by many people from across the globe.

Since being founded in 1982 by Randy Bowen, Bowen Designs has made an indelible impact upon the world of pop culture collectibles. With his love of the genre and unsurpassed attention to detail, Bowen quickly established himself as one of the most respected sculptors in the garage kit industry of the 1980s.  Bowen Designs was incorporated in 1991 with the goal of offering high quality, limited edition pieces at reasonable prices.  By combining his knowledge of molds and resins with a pioneering vision, Bowen achieved his aims, and such collectibles became a reality.   As a result, Bowen Designs’ innovative style had set the industry standard by which all other collectibles manufacturers were measured.  In particular, Bowen’s legendary line of Marvel statues and mini-busts are widely accepted as being responsible for beginning the new era in collectible statues.

Click HERE to see highlights of Bowen Designs statues.

Click HERE for instructions on how to register for this class.  The cutoff date for registering is July 28th, 2016.





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