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Guest Artists

We have a terrific line up of special guest artists presenting, doing demos or exhibiting their art at Jerseyfest 2017!

More to be announced.


Troy McDevitt

Troy started his sculpting career sculpting custom wedding cake toppers in 2003, up until 2007. Being a lifelong comic/sci-fi/fantasy nerd, he slowly made the transition from wedding cake toppers, over to superhero and monster sculpts for various garage kit companies and private collectors. Eventually his sculpts caught the attention of some collectible companies, and he began getting commissions with well-known entities such as Bowen Designs, Sideshow Collectibles, XM Studios, ARH Studios, ReelArt Studios, Super7, etc..

After doing commissions for misc. companies, GK producers and private collectors, his focus has once again shifted to that of creator-owned properties (along with his business partner/best friend), which they have been working on for several years, and will begin debuting later this year. 

Troy’s other passion moving forward is teaching new, up-and-coming sculptors the tips, tricks and techniques that were shared with him when he first started off. And that brings us to this class. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done fifty sculpts, or zero, this class will have something to offer everyone.

At the start of the class, Troy will go over some of the basics of getting started on a sculpt, before giving the attendees the concept they’ll be working on (to be revealed during the class). Once that’s been announced, everyone will get started, and the remainder of the class will be both a demonstration of misc. tips and techniques, and walking the room, so that he can assist everyone attending with any questions or issues they may have throughout the day. You’ll leave with a finished, or semi-finished statue that you’ll be able to take home and paint, or mold and cast so you can make copies to sell, or give away.

At JerseyFest this year, Troy will be the instructor for the all day Sculpting class on Friday, September 8th.  You can still register for this class and may click here to view all the details.  On Saturday and Sunday during the vendor show, he also will be displaying and selling rare model kits and completed “one of a kind” pieces, as well as doing sculpting demonstrations.

Click here to see pictures highlighting Troy McDevitts work.



Saul Alvarez

Saul Alvarez is a professional painter who has been building/painting model kits for over 20 years including hundreds of commissions.

In the past, he has written for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine and Kitbuilders Magazine.  Saul also painted life-sized dinosaurs for a company that provided them to museums. He has conducted numerous demos at hobby shows and won many contest awards at Wonderfest, Chiller, etc., including gold and first place awards.

View Saul’s online portfolio.






Rick Cantu

Rick Cantu

Rick Cantu is a writer for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine in the US and Game Forces magazine in Spain.  He has competed and won numerous contest awards at Wonderfest, Imaginenation, and IPMS shows, including Gold, First place and several Best of Show figure awards.  Rick has been modeling/ painting for close to 30 years, starting out with gaming miniatures and progressing into garage kits.  Rick creates paint master copies for several companies for use in creating the pre-painted statues you find in many hobby shops and online.

Rick’s Demos will include:

Sat – Alien Flesh ( Mottling, alcohol technique and using different transparent colors) Rick will once again demonstrate how to use a little alcohol and water to create organic patterning on Alien Flesh. Along with this technique, Rick will also demonstrate how to create additional details and patterns using other transparent colors.

Sun – Using Watercolors for Detail Rick will show how to use watercolors to add subtle detail to areas and create distinct patterns using a brush. A different demo than Rick usually does as there is no airbrush involved. This one is for the brush painters out attending the show!

Rick has a new line of incredible creature kits that he will be debuting and selling at Jerseyfest !

Click HERE to see pictures highlighting Rick’s work.


Jim Capone

Jim Capone

Jim Capone has written for Kitbuilders Magazine and Modeler’s Resource Magazine.  He has painted award winning buildups, and is a full-time art teacher. Those who have seen his jaw dropping work know how lucky we are to have him.

View Jim’s Web Site









Jake Corrick

Although Jake Corrick is 21 years old, he is already a well known sculptor and model kit producer who creates his own unique creature designs from his incredible imagination.  Hundreds of artists recently competed to make the SyFy Channel’s “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge“, and Jake was 1 of only 10 people who made it to the show.  The show features 10 aspiring creature creators competing to out-imagine one another in a series of challenges where they will build everything from mechanical characters to whimsical beasts, bringing high-end inanimate creature designs to life.  The contestants compete for a prize worth up to $100,000, including the opportunity for the job of a lifetime – a contract working at the world-renowned Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™.  The TV series will be premiering on the SyFy Channel on March 25th, 2014.  Jake will be displaying his art and  selling his models at Jerseyfest at the “Misfit Monsters” vendor booth.  He welcomes conversations with attendees about his techniques and experiences, so stop by his tables to say hello.


John Dennett

John’s Dennett has been a professional and commercial sculptor for 30 plus years.  Beginning in the hobby industry in 1982,  he created hundreds of original creatures as miniatures for use in Role Playing Games.  Since then, his work has been a part of the gift, collectibles and toy markets, sculpting as well as designing characters from a wealth of different genres.  John wil be showcasing and selling his kits at Jerseyfest!







Kevin Derken

Kevin Derken is a classically trained artist turned model maker and painter.  His unique style has been published in Hobby Japan and Model Graphix and has graced the cover of “The Weathering Magazine”.  Kevin shows his work at fine art galleries and has won multiple awards at model shows around the world, including winning the “KOW YOKOYAMA AWARD” (Best in Show) at the Maschinen Krieger Showcase 9 in Tokyo, Japan in November of 2013.  His blog is frequently updated with pictures of his work.

Click here to see samples of some of his amazing work.




Jason Eaton

Jason Eaton is an extraordinarily talented model maker and painter who is known across the hobby for his stunning, large scale models that often recreate many of the most memorable space ships, mechs and other vehicles from classic Science Fiction films and T.V such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Bladerunner, etc.  See a blog that showcases many of his beautiful pieces by clicking here.



John Ficchi (aka “Vince Vell)

John Ficchi is a professional figure model painter and statue customizer who is well known for his incredible work on comic book characters, females, and modifications to prepainted statues.  He also has produced many terrific model painting and building tutorials.








Maya Morland (aka Valloa)

World renowned and multi-award winning super artist “Maya Morland” (aka Valloa) of Morland Studios will be at JerseyFest 2016 sharing her painting secrets in a ”hands-on”, miniature figure model painting class at Jerseyfest Academy  The class will be occurring on Friday evening, August 26th, 2016 which is the day before the weekend long Jerseyfest vendor show.  It will be held in a professional conference room at the Marriott Hanover Hotel in Whippany, New Jersey.  See details by clicking HERE and register by e-mailing

On Saturday and Sunday during the vendor show, Maya and Morland Studios will be displaying and selling their wonderful line-up of miniature figure models.



Greg McKellar

Greg first began painting monster models with Aurora’s Frankenstein and for years built every figure model the company came out with, no matter what the subject.   He eventually began taking painting lessons from a local Grand Master.  At the time he painted primarily with oil paints on small historical figures and won numerous awards.  Greg eventually discovered the Garage Kit world and dropped the historical miniature sector for his love of all things creepy and monstrous.  Since then, he has won several model contest awards (including several golds at Wonderfest) and written numerous instructional model painting articles.

Click here to see pictures highlighting some of Greg’s work.


Steve Neisen

Steve Neisen is a very well respected creator of some of the very best resin kits in the world.  He specializes in large scale, studio accurate models with the focus on famous ships and vehicles from Star Wars and Star Trek.  He and his team at Nice-N Model Designs research the actual filming model subjects and replicate them down to the smallest details.  At the 2016 show, Steve will be displaying and selling some of his most stunning pieces at JerseyFest as well as doing  presentations on model making and painting tips.

See a video showing one of Steve’s incredible model creations,”The Klingon Bird of Prey”, by clicking here.


Michael Salzo

Michael Salzo is a hobbyist turned pro model builder, specializing in large and unique Sci-Fi scratchbuilds and kits.  He’s a renowned painter, pattern maker,  and mold maker/caster in the Garage Kit Industry.  He’s also done incredibly elaborate model making work for major US theme parks and collectible companies, specializing in replicas of Sci-Fi filming models.  Using mostly traditional model building techniques such as those used in the movie model shops of the 70′s and 80′s (e.g., Industrial Light & Magic Studios, Lucas Arts), Michael has recreated many iconic subjects from those era’s,  including but not limited to recreating near exact models of the studio miniatures.  Michael is one of the most renowned vehicle model makers and painters in the garage kit hobby and has created many incredible studio  scale models of spaceships from franchises like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.  He does professional model construction and painting for numerous clients.  For the 2016 show, Michael will be the instructor for the all-day class “Painting a Star Wars X-Wing”.

See examples of some of his amazing models by clicking here.


Sean Sides

Sean Sides is a professional model builder well known for his accurate recreations of Sci Fi filming miniatures. His works include the original Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars filming miniature replicas. This includes large scale models like the 6 foot Galactica, 3 foot Basestar and ½ Scale 66” TOS Enterprise. Through extensive research and references, he meticulously reproduces all the original details, nuances and weathering of filming miniatures. Sean was the principal model maker for a Sci-Fi TV pilot called “Orbital Broadcast One”, collaborating with industry artist Andrew Probert. He has been a guest at numerous conventions including the World Science Fiction Convention, StarFest, Wonderfest, and Galacticon IV.

During the 2016 JerseyFest vendor show, Sean will do a presentation on the art of scratch building and tips for building and painting vehicle kits.

See examples of some of Sean’s amazing work by clicking here.


Steve Parke

 Steve Parke

Steve Parke is an artist and writer for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine and holds down several other self employed jobs.  He will be showcasing and selling stuningly beautiful built up models and unbulit rare kits at Jerseyfest!  View Steve’s online portfolio.

Steve also works in the music industry with artists like Prince (13 years) , David Bowie, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, The Grateful Dead, Victor Wooten and Bob Dylan. In 2001 he produced his first Graphic Novel with Vertigo comics and has since done another and a children’s book with Houghten Mifflen. His retouch skills have been employed for the DVD releases of Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, 30 Rock, Rome and other movies and TV series you’ve never heard of.

Steve’s portrait photography has appeared in such magazines as Time, Style, Vogue, Pulse, Guitar Player, Bass Player, and Musician.  He was also a contributing writer for MacAddict Magazine.



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