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Guest Artists


We have a terrific line up of special guest artists presenting, doing demos or exhibiting their art at JerseyFest 2023!





Demos & Presentations

Experience numerous presentations and demos from professional artists on building, painting and sculpting!  Included with price of admission into vendor show.



  • A presentation of Robert Troch and Eric Hamilton presenting the making of their award-winning diorama “Destroy all Modelers. “

  • Introduction to Mold Making by the Complete Sculptor

  • Presentation of 1931 Frankenstein in color.

  • Movie night – presenting “Jeffreak”  a low-budget movie by Giovanni Zorloza and showing props from the movie, with Q & A making a low-budget, self-funded movie.


  • & A session with master sculptor Mark Van Tine with an introduction to making your own sculpting tools.







Saul Alvarez

Saul Alvarez is a professional painter who has been building/painting model kits for over 20 years including hundreds of commissions.

In the past, he has written for Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine and Kitbuilders Magazine.  Saul also painted life-sized dinosaurs for a company that provided them to museums. He has conducted numerous demos at hobby shows and won many contest awards at Wonderfest, Chiller, etc., including gold and first place awards.

View Saul’s online portfolio.





John Dennett

John’s Dennett has been a professional and commercial sculptor for 30 plus years.  Beginning in the hobby industry in 1982,  he created hundreds of original creatures as miniatures for use in Role Playing Games.  Since then, his work has been a part of the gift, collectibles and toy markets, sculpting as well as designing characters from a wealth of different genres.  John will be showcasing and selling his kits at Jerseyfest!







John Ficchi (aka “Vince Vell)

John Ficchi is a professional figure model painter and statue customizer who is well known for his incredible work on comic book characters, females and modifications to prepainted statues.  He also has produced many terrific model paintings and building tutorials. One of John’s many painting tutorials is on his YouTube page.






Michael Salzo

Michael Salzo is a hobbyist turned pro model builder, specializing in large and unique Sci-Fi scratchbuilds and kits.  He’s a renowned painter, pattern maker,  and mold maker/caster in the Garage Kit Industry.  He’s also done incredibly elaborate model making work for major US theme parks and collectible companies, specializing in replicas of Sci-Fi filming models.  Using mostly traditional model building techniques such as those used in the movie model shops of the 70′s and 80′s (e.g., Industrial Light & Magic Studios, Lucas Arts), Michael has recreated many iconic subjects from those era’s,  including but not limited to recreating near exact models of the studio miniatures.  Michael is one of the most renowned vehicle model makers and painters in the garage kit hobby and has created many incredible studio  scale models of spaceships from franchises like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.  He does professional model construction and painting for numerous clients.

See examples of some of his amazing models by clicking here.


Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi defines himself as an artisan 2.0, working in the field of 3D modeling and digital sculpting. His career started 15 ten years ago when, after a Ph.D. in biotechnology, he realized that he wanted to work with his real passion, creativity, and design, and he started a self-taught path to learn 3D from scratch. In a few years, thanks probably to his greatest talent (luck), he became the first Italian Zbrush certified instructor and managed to turn his crazy passion into a real job, with clients paying for him to play with digital clay all day long. Nowadays, Danko makes a living out of “modeling stuff and creating silly things,” mainly for collectibles, statues, and kits, and teaches Zbrush and sculpting in online classes and workshops. To see more of Danko’s work, please click here




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