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Dealers & Artists

Below is a list of dealers and artists attending the 2023 vendor show from Saturday September 23rd to Sunday the 24th.  The list is tentative and subject to change and will continue to be updated – stay tuned.




Note that “recasted” kits or statues may not be sold or displayed at Jerseyfest.  Please contact us if you have any questions about recasts.
Licensing and authorization for products sold at JerseyFest are the sole responsibility of the manufacturers and dealers who produce and market them.  Manufacturers and dealers are solely responsible for obtaining licensing and authorization to produce and sell their products and for ensuring that their products are non-hazardous and safe for their intended use.  JerseyFest bears no responsibility for determining whether and which items offered for sale at JerseyFest comport with U.S. and international trademark and copyright laws.  That responsibility is borne by the producers and dealers of these items.

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