Come See a GIANT “Work In Progress” Diorama of Over 150 Stunning Model Kits at Jerseyfest !

Attendees of the Jerseyfest vendor show are in store for an amazing treat!  The show will feature the “The Diorama of Miracles” exhibit by Robert Troch, which is a mind blowing, huge diorama full of many of the very finest kits of the hobby’s past and present.  It consists of mostly 1/6th scale, monster movie related kits, including ones from Alternative Images, Billiken, Forbidden Zone, Geometric, X-O Facto and many more!  Includes many legendary sculpts from Jeff Yagher, Yuji Saki and more, with the focus on classic monsters and even Godzilla/Kaiju!!  Just to give you an idea of the size of this thing, the diorama will be displayed at the show on a 10 foot wide by 5 foot deep table!  Click here for more information!

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