Shipping process for Vendors

Shipping Process – JerseyFest 2017

Process to Ship Items to Hotel before the Show

• Vendor writes big “FOR JERSEYFEST” on all boxes before shipping them.

• Vendor ships items targeting arrival of boxes at the hotel between Monday September 4th and Friday, September 8th, 2017. The address is:

Liberty International Airport Marriot .

1 Hotel Road

Newark New Jersey 07114


Attention: Richard Mortellaro SHIPMENT FOR JERSEYFEST EVENT

• Note that Richard Mortellaro is the Hotel Events Manager (Phone: 973-623-0006).

• The hotel staff will store the boxes in a secured/locked room and access to them will only be given to the hotel Banquet Manager, Director and JerseyFest Owner.

• On Friday, September 8th, the boxes will be moved by the vendor or the JerseyFest team to the vendor room.

• If you have any questions about this process, the storage room or the status of your boxes, please contact:

Richard Mortellaro, Event Services Manager email : Richard.Mortellaro@marriott.com T: 973-623-0006

Process to Ship Items from Hotel after the Show

• Vendors must seal and add the appropriate shipping labels to all boxes they would like shipped before they are dropped off.

Vendors must call and schedule the pickup with their shipping company in advance and provide all the required hotel information. The pickup should be scheduled for Monday September 11th, or Tuesday the 12th at the latest.

• Between 4:00PM and 6:00PM on Sunday, September 10th (i.e., right after the vendor show), the vendor must go to the JerseyFest check in table, which is located in the hallway in front of the convention’s vendor room (i.e., Grand Ballroom), and notify the JerseyFest team that they need to store boxes at the hotel for pick up the next day (i.e., Monday).

• The JerseyFest team will escort and help the vendor bring the boxes to the secured room. Only the JerseyFest managers, hotel Banquet Manager, and Director will have the key and access to the storage room on Sunday. During the week, only the hotel Banquet Manager and Director will have access to the storage room.

• All boxes will be sorted and stored in separate sections in the storage room based on the shipping company being used for the pickup.

• When the shipping company arrives for pickup at the hotel, the Hotel Banquet Manager or Hotel Director will open the storage room and have their staff hand off the boxes to the shipping company’s delivery man.

• The shipping company’s receipts for the pickups will be left with the hotel Banquet Manager or Director. The Hotel Director will mail them to the JerseyFest producer and he can be contacted if vendors need copies of the receipt faxed to them.

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